From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.

From Arnhem to the North Sea, on the Rhine Delta.

In the Netherlands, the Rhine splits and joins up with other rivers. Because of the many names of the rivers it takes, with waterways, rivers and canals, the Dutch section of the international Rhine Cycle Route is called the Rhine Delta Cycle Path.

 By the side of the trail, the meanderings of the old Rhine are ripe for discovery, transforming themselves into small, tranquil waterways. The Rhine Cycle Route shows cyclists the various faces of the different waterways. Amongst [...] more

others, the Waal river expressway - one of the busiest vessel-going waterways in Europe, or the Kromme Rijn (Crooked Rhine), with its numerous castles from the Middle Ages, which for a long time stood as the northern frontier of the Roman Empire. And then there is the River Linge, which snakes through the orchards of the Betuwe region. The Biesbosch natural park, created by a huge flood, and the many windmills near the village of Kinderdijk, show how a large part of the Netherlands, sitting below sea level, was formed. Along the length of the river, cyclists can enjoy the surrounding nature, pretty little port villages and, towards the mouth, before the waters of the Rhine rush our into the North Sea, Rotterdam is a world class modern metropolis.


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    from Andermatt to the North Sea.


  • The port of Rotterdam

    The second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam, is the industrial heart of the country. Located at the mouth of the Rhine and the Meuse, its strategic position provides an economic outlet for western Germany and makes the region one of the most dynamic in Europe. Its facilities stretch over 28 kilometres making it the fourth largest port in the world and the largest in Europe. Alongside Le Havre in France, Rotterdam's deep water "Europoort" is the only port in Europe capable of accommodating supertankers and their cargo of 400,000 tons of fuel. Refineries and petrochemical plants abound in the region.

  • Airborne Museum, Oosterbeek

    Arnhem Airborne Museum retraces the "Garden Market" military operation, launched by the allied forces during the Second World War. On 17 September 1944, thousands of British parachutists were released above the town of Ede. Their aim was to secure the bridges spanning the Dutch rivers in order to cross the German defensive lines and reach the economic heart of the Third Reich - the Ruhr. But the operation ended in failure. The allied forces never reached Arnhem bridge.

  • Rotterdam: Euromast & Spacetower

    With its head in the clouds the 185 metres Euromast is the highest tower open to the public in the Netherlands. Its 360 degree panorama awaits visitors at the top, along with many other attractions, some of which are reserved for those with the strongest stomachs - bungee jumping and a 100 km/h zip slide. For the less adventurous or those of us that like a little less excitement the tower has a panoramic restaurant 96 metres up in the air.

  • Town of Dordrecht

    The oldest town in Holland, Dordrecht enjoyed an important role in trade until the night of 18-19 November 1421 - St. Elizabeth's Night - when a violent storm blew in from the North Sea, destroying the coastal sea walls. A huge flood then overcame Dordrecht, drowning up to 100,000 people. The land submerged by that event is still mostly underwater. For Dordrecht, this climate disaster meant the end of its commercial hegemony over the country. New sailing routes opened by the flood were taken. The town of Dordrecht still recalls this episode in its history, with the Flood of St. Elizabeth depicted in the cathedral's windows!

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