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The route of the Eurovelo 15

Along its 766 miles, the EV15 crosses four countries - Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands, from its source at Andermatt in the Swiss Alps, to its mouth near the great port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In its upper section, the cycling route criss-crosses the valleys of the Swiss Alps, runs along Lake Constance and takes visitors to from the Rhine falls downstream of Schaffhouse to the triple frontier region of Basel. The EV15 then crosses Alsace, between Germany near Karlsruhe, rubbing shoulders with the winegrowing countryside, running alongside the legendary rock of Lorelei, to reach the delta region in the Netherlands, before opening out into the North Sea at the Hook of Holland


A formidable source of inspiration

The Rhine has always fascinated poets, singers, painters and photographers - its landscapes kindling desire and longing. The Rhine's romanticism, with its castles, its fables and its legends, are not the sole source of its charm. The river and its banks also play host to a number of exceptional nature reserves. Finally, it is an economic artery on continental scale, and a hugely significant means of river transport.

Thanks to its fully cycle-friendly route, the EV15 is suitable for cyclists of all capabilities. Most of the route can be taken on either side of the Rhine. The EV15 is made up of specially developed cycle paths that are a joy to take and easy to navigate, thanks to its unique international signage bearing the "Rhine Cycle Route" logo. Its flat route presents cyclists with unforgettable views over the Rhine and its landscape.

Whether you are cycling with a family or you are an ambitious sportsperson, you will constantly experience new sensations and fresh adventures across the entire length of the largest navigable channel in Europe. Take a break at any of the many restaurants lining the route, with their regional culinary specialities - make the most of the Rhine region's hospitality. With a rail service stopping at all the towns along the Rhine, organising a cycling trip will be a remarkably easy task. Combined with a range of public transport options and interchanges, this leisurely way of getting around provides a means to experience truly sustainable tourism.


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