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Cultural heritage

Old historical town centres with twisting streets, fortified castles overlooking the river, places steeped in history, port towns, economic centres, the Rhine cycle route has some wonderful surprises in store.

  • Europa Park in Rust

    There is loads to discover at Germany’s largest amusement park: in an area of 94 hectares, adventurous visitors can look forward not only to more than 100 attractions and international show programmes, but also to 13 European themed areas with architecture, vegetation and gastronomy typical of the respective countries – pure enjoyment in summer and winter alike!

  • Marckolsheim: Maginot line Museum

    Defence line built between the World Wars along the French-German border, the Maginot line stretched some 200 kilometres north to south through Alsace from Luxembourg to the Swiss border. Established in a casemate on the edge of Marckolsheim, the memorial recalls the terrible battles from 15 to 17 June 1940 when more than 80% of the town of Marckolsheim was destroyed. The fortification has been preserved as they were in 1940: gun positions, dormitory, headquarters, drinking-water source, etc. They are equipped with weapons of the time, such as anti-tank guns, machine guns, mortars, light machine guns...

  • Bad Säckingen: The Old Wooden Bridge

    In the spa town of Bad-Säckingen, in the Upper Rhine, is the longest covered wooden bridge in Europe. It crosses the river over to the Swiss town of Stein. Another point of interest is St. Fridolin Cathedral in the centre of town. It is a monumental religious building whose treasure room exhibits relics, religious objects and Christian art from the convent in Säckingen which closed in 1806.

  • Schaffhausen

    Visiting Schaffhausen is somewhat like taking a trip back in time. The old town, built more than 1000 years ago in a place where the boats were forced to cast anchor, hindered in their sail up the river by the Rhine falls, has more than 170 houses with oriel windows and facades painted in rich colours.

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