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Cultural heritage

Old historical town centres with twisting streets, fortified castles overlooking the river, places steeped in history, port towns, economic centres, the Rhine cycle route has some wonderful surprises in store.

  • River navigation museum in Offendorf

    An exhibition held on a Freycinet-type of barge rescued from scrapping, restored and renamed “CABRO”, retraces the evolution of river navigation in Alsace and in particular in Offendorf, the largest village of boatmen in the East of France in the 20th century.

  • Speyer Technology Museum

    Where can you both visit a Boeing 747 and get inside a submarine? At the Speyer Technology Museum, which also boasts the largest space flight exhibition in Europe - "Apollo and Beyond" - where visitors can visit the Buran space shuttle. Fire engines, musical instruments, locomotives and motorbikes also feature in the museum, which also has an IMAX theatre to give visitors a tremendous experience.

  • The Deutsches Eck of Koblenz.

    A promontory overlooking the Moselle and the Rhine, in the city of Koblenz, the Deutsches Eck takes its name from the settlement of the Teutonic Knights at this point of confluence in 1216. A monument erected to the memory of Emperor Wilhelm I, paying homage to his work towards the unification of Germany, was unveiled in 1897, destroyed in 1945, replaced by a memorial to German Unity in 1953, and finally reconstructed in 1993. Standing 37 metres tall, this monument attracts over 2 million visitors each year, and became a UNESCO World Culture Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in 2002.

  • The "Path of Democracy" in Bonn.

    A two-hour walk around the old government district, the "Path of Democracy" is a tour leading one to important sites where Germany's democracy was shaped. Bonn was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany between 1949 and 1990.

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