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Cultural heritage

Old historical town centres with twisting streets, fortified castles overlooking the river, places steeped in history, port towns, economic centres, the Rhine cycle route has some wonderful surprises in store.

  • Rotterdam: Euromast & Spacetower

    With its head in the clouds the 185 metres Euromast is the highest tower open to the public in the Netherlands. Its 360 degree panorama awaits visitors at the top, along with many other attractions, some of which are reserved for those with the strongest stomachs - bungee jumping and a 100 km/h zip slide. For the less adventurous or those of us that like a little less excitement the tower has a panoramic restaurant 96 metres up in the air.

  • Europa Park in Rust

    There is loads to discover at Germany’s largest amusement park: in an area of 94 hectares, adventurous visitors can look forward not only to more than 100 attractions and international show programmes, but also to 13 European themed areas with architecture, vegetation and gastronomy typical of the respective countries – pure enjoyment in summer and winter alike!

  • Ruinaulta, the Swiss Grand Canyon

    The gorges of the Anterior Rhine between Ilanz and Reichenau, also known as Ruinaulta – “high heap of rubble” in Romansh – provide one of the most magnificent and varied landscapes of the Alps. Formed 10 000 years ago further to the landslide of millions of square metres of rocks, these white-faced and steep wild gorges can be reached on foot or by bicycle.

  • Benrath Castle and Park in Düsseldorf

    A rococo-style villa, Benrath Castle was erected towards the end of the 18th century by the Elector Palatin Charles-Theodore. With its huge park and pond, it is both an important cultural monument, and also an oasis in the urban sprawl of Düsseldorf. Very well preserved, the castle hosts three museums and is surrounded by a magnificent park measuring several hundred thousand square metres.

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