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Cultural heritage

Old historical town centres with twisting streets, fortified castles overlooking the river, places steeped in history, port towns, economic centres, the Rhine cycle route has some wonderful surprises in store.

  • Versamer Tobel Bridge

    The wild and eroded landscape of the Versam region, upstream from Bonaduz, is not at all easy to pass through. However, a mountain road, one of the most spectacular routes in the Swiss Alps, was built in the 1880s, with several tunnels, sharp bends, and retaining walls. The bridge spanning over the Versamer Tobel, a daring steel structure built in 1897, peaks at 70 metres above the Rabiusa, a tributary of the Rhine.

  • Sargans Castle

    The Sargans castle is visible from far and wide, and stands where the Rhine valley and the See valley meet, at the foot of the Gonzen mountain which peaks at an altitude of 1 380 metres. Built at the top of a hill, it provides a panoramic view overlooking the Sargans countryside. The Castle, rich in orientation and interest, also houses the Sargans regional historical museum: throughout the six levels of the tower, the history, trade and Gonzen mines, the methods of agricultural work and the Alpine industry of the Sargans region are revealed.

  • Town of Rhenen

    Famous for its Gothic Cunera Church, constructed in the 15th century, the town of Rhenen has built up on the banks of the Lek - one of the many branches of the Rhine, downstream of Arnhem.

  • Airborne Museum, Oosterbeek

    Arnhem Airborne Museum retraces the "Market Garden" military operation, launched by the allied forces during the Second World War. On 17 September 1944, thousands of British parachutists were released above the town of Ede. Their aim was to secure the bridges spanning the Dutch rivers in order to cross the German defensive lines and reach the economic heart of the Third Reich - the Ruhr. But the operation ended in failure. The allied forces never reached Arnhem bridge.

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