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Cultural heritage

Old historical town centres with twisting streets, fortified castles overlooking the river, places steeped in history, port towns, economic centres, the Rhine cycle route has some wonderful surprises in store.

  • Cologne Museums

    Cologne as a "City of Museums" is among the most important and lively cultural centres in Germany. 36 museums are with their superb collections and fascinating exhibitions a magnet for art and culture lovers from all around the world. They offer a rich variety of exhibits from Antiquity to the present day and inform visitors about things as diverse as chocolate, modern art and the city's history.

  • Town of Dordrecht

    The oldest town in Holland, Dordrecht enjoyed an important role in trade until the night of 18-19 November 1421 - St. Elizabeth's Night - when a violent storm blew in from the North Sea, destroying the coastal sea walls. A huge flood then overcame Dordrecht, drowning up to 100,000 people. The land submerged by that event is still mostly underwater. For Dordrecht, this climate disaster meant the end of its commercial hegemony over the country. New sailing routes opened by the flood were taken. The town of Dordrecht still recalls this episode in its history, with the Flood of St. Elizabeth depicted in the cathedral's windows!

  • Nibelungen Museum in Worms

    Opened in Autumn 2001, the Nibelungen Museum is located in Worms, a small town on the Rhine, in Germany. Focussing solely on the legend of the Nibelungen, the Nibelungmuseum of Worms is a wholly virtual museum, with no collections and only using virtual objects for its presentations. According to the song of the Nibelungen, a vast treasure lies under the town of Worms: a Golden Ring - the inexhaustible source of precious metal, love and joy for whoever holds it. This 12th century German legend was immortalised by Richard Wagner in his dramatic tetralogy: Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried and the Götterdämmerung, also known as the Ring Cycle.

  • The Heisterbach Monastery

    Now lying in ruins, the Heisterbach Monastery was formerly part of a Cistercian Abbey built in 1189 along the chain of Seven Mountains, near Bonn. After the monastery was abandoned in 1803 following the victory of Napoleon, the church was left empty and sold off for construction materials. There now only remain the imposing remnants of the choir of the old church.

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