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Art along the Rhine

There is nothing better than a break in one of the numerous artistic centres along the EV15, for recharging batteries and resourcing the mind. The Chur Museum of Fine Art, the modern art museum in Rolandseck, the Tomi Ungerer Museum in Strasbourg, the Design museum in Weil-am-Rhein, the museums in Basel and Bonn... there is something for everyone!

  • Insel Museum Hombroich and the Langen Foundation

    Located a few miles south of Neuss, the Museum Insel Hombroich opened in the heart of an old park on the island of Hombroich in 1987. The museum embodies and enacts a famous quote made by Cézanne: "Art is a harmony parallel with nature". The exhibition building and the artist's studio blend naturally into the vast landscape. Winding paths are punctuated by works of sculptural architecture. The island hosts a wide diversity of events involving philosophers, poets, musicians and artists. Designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, a new exhibition hall combining lightness and transparency was constructed on a former missile launch site a stone's throw from Hombroich in 2004. The Langen Foundation displays works from the Langen collection that includes almost 500 Japanese artworks and 300 modern pieces.

  • Rolandseck: Arp Museum

    Rolandseck railway station has always been more than just a station. Right from its inauguration in 1858, it has always been a focal point for artists and intellectuals. Since September 2007, it has formed a part of a new museum on the Rhine - the "Arp-Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck". Built on the banks of the river in the town of Remagen, the museum of contemporary art has four floors of exhibition space devoted to the Alsatian painter and sculptor Hans Arp and his wife Sophie Taeuber-Arp, who were involved in the rise of the Dada and surrealist movements in the early 20th century. Paintings from the Middle Ages right up to the modern day are also on display.

  • Basel: Its museums

    Basel's museums and galleries house several important international works of art. Each year more than one million visitors visit 36 exhibition. Compared to other similarly-sized cities, Basel has one of the highest densities of museums and galleries in the world. Art aficionados should not miss “Art Basel”, the largest annual modern art show in Europe. It is held every year in mid-June.

  • Strasbourg: Tomi Ungerer Museum

    Artist and illustrator of books for readers of all ages, including the children's book “The Three Robbers”, Tomi Ungerer, who was born in Strasbourg in 1931, is considered to be one of the greatest illustrators of the last 50 years. The 700 square meter museum – the first public museum in France devoted to an artist during his lifetime – has been established in the Greiner Villa and houses more than 11000 drawings donated by the artist to his home city.

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