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Art along the Rhine

There is nothing better than a break in one of the numerous artistic centres along the EV15, for recharging batteries and resourcing the mind. The Chur Museum of Fine Art, the modern art museum in Rolandseck, the Tomi Ungerer Museum in Strasbourg, the Design museum in Weil-am-Rhein, the museums in Basel and Bonn... there is something for everyone!

  • Mainz: Gutenberg Museum

    The reconstruction of the old workshop of the inventor of the printing press including a press that visitors can operate and a copy of the Gutenburg Bible - the first book to be printed in Europe using movable type - are just two of the main attractions in the Gutenburg Museum in Mainz. On display are four millennia of written history and culture and the most important prints from the 14th century right up to the present day.

  • Basel: Its museums

    Basel's museums and galleries house several important international works of art. Each year more than one million visitors visit 36 exhibition. Compared to other similarly-sized cities, Basel has one of the highest densities of museums and galleries in the world. Art aficionados should not miss “Art Basel”, the largest annual modern art show in Europe. It is held every year in mid-June.

  • Weil am Rhein: Vitra Design Museum

    The Vitra Design Museum is one of the biggest design museums in the world. The American architect Frank Gehry, known, in particular, for designing the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, has created an architectural masterpiece made up of towers, ramps and cubes. Permanent exhibitions showing the historical and contemporary developments in the world of design provide visitors with the opportunity of discovering the diversity and importance of design.

  • Strasbourg: Tomi Ungerer Museum

    Artist and illustrator of books for readers of all ages, including the children's book “The Three Robbers”, Tomi Ungerer, who was born in Strasbourg in 1931, is considered to be one of the greatest illustrators of the last 50 years. The 700 square meter museum – the first public museum in France devoted to an artist during his lifetime – has been established in the Greiner Villa and houses more than 11000 drawings donated by the artist to his home city.

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