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The Rhine winds through the heart of geographical and political Europe. Discover the main places linked to the creation of Europe.

  • Strasbourg : the capital of Europe

    A symbol of French-German reconciliation and European unity, Strasbourg is considered to be the capital of Europe due to the presence of several European Union and other institutions in the city. With it being the home in particular of the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg is one of the rare cities, together with New York and Geneva, to house international institutions without it actually being the capital of a state itself.

  • Lörrach, Germany: THREE COUNTRIES MUSEUM

    The award-winning building in Lörrach is home to the only Three Countries Museum in Europe. On show in the permanent exhibition is life past and present in the Upper Rhine where Germany, Switzerland and France meet. "Get involved" stations, audio stations and media terminals turn the tour of the interactive exhibition into an experience to remember.

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