EuroVelo 4 in France connects with EuroVelo 5 and EuroVelo 1 and covers over 1,200 kilometres. Its more advance part is the western one (see below for more information). The french partners of the EuroVelo 1 are working on this route of great interest to give you the chance to cycle it soon !

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On this western section of 150km, the North Sea Wind follows you all the way along a flat route from Vleteren to Bruges. The route runs through vast polders, while flirting with the Flemish coast. Let the Flanders Cycle Route lead you through this flat landscape, where cycling is a delightful experience. In the Westhoek you land in the ‘City of Butter’, Diksmuide with its IJzer Tower. This 84m high peace monument not only accommodates a museum on War, Peace and Flemish emancipation, it also offers a marvelous view over the Westhoek. After leaving Diksmuide, the route follows the Trench of Death, the last relic of the Belgian First World War front line. Through an open rural landscape and passing through the province town of Veurne, the route leads you to the Flemish coast. In Nieuwpoort, you can visit the King Albert Monument, and further on, the Flanders Cycle Route also goes past Oostende, the ‘City by the Sea’. Through vast polders and the Zwin region you reach the small medieval town Damme. This book town will certainly charm you, and maybe even inspire you.

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The Netherlands

This section of EV4 (Central Europe route) uses the long distance cycle route LF13 Schelde-Rheinroute from Venlo (on the Dutch/German border) to Vlissingen. And from Vlissingen to Sluis (on the Belgian border) the LF1. The route is signposted in two directions. For more information about cycling in the Netherlands look at

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After crossing over the border from the Netherlands, the western end of EuroVelo 4 follows the same route as EuroVelo 15, along the River Rhine. However, at Mainz the route diverts to the east and follows the course of the River Main all the way to its headwaters. Known within Germany as the River Main Cycle Route, this section of the route boasts exemplary signposting, outstanding scenery and an abundance of cyclist-oriented accommodation. After Mainz, the route passes through the major European city of Frankfurt. From there is passes through the Liebliches Taubertal holiday region and the Franconian wine country. Then from Schweinfurt it winds its way through the Hassberg hills and Steigerwald forest to Bamberg and its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The next section crosses the Upper Main Valley-Coburg, which is known as 'God's Garden' and ends at the point where the 'Red' and 'White' River tributaries join. We take the White Main through the Franconian Forest and once we run out of water we then continue over the border into the Czech Republic.

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Czech Republic

The route follows the river Ohre from Cheb to the world famous spa Karlovy Vary. Then it follows the Berounka-Střela greenway through the Křivoklátsko protected landscape area and passed the medieval castle Karlštejn to the conflunce with the Vltava in Prague. The route runs through Prague, passed center it turns to the East and joins the Elbe trail and follows the Elbe to Kolin. After the UNESCO site of Kutná Hora it continues to the hillier Bohemian Highlands to South Moravia and its capital, Brno, which is another UNESCO heritage site. The route goes through the famous battle field of Austerlitz and than joins the Morava river trail through the Moravian Slovakia region. Your next stop will be another UNESCO site Kroměříž. Near Ostrava with industrial monuments you will reach the Polish border.

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The route EuroVelo-4 in Ukraine is currently not realized. In the future, it will pass from the Poland-Ukraine border to the capital city of Kyiv. Tourists will have a pleasure to enjoy a relaxing, easy to ride natural landscape, attractive vibrant cities like Lviv and Zhytomyr, as well as fascinating smaller towns and villages. Bicycle trip along EuroVelo-4 is a perfect way to dive into real Ukrainian culture and hospitality, as well as learn about the Soviet period of Ukraine's history due to Lenin's monuments and other USSR-dated artifacts that are still a usual thing in smaller towns.

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