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After entering the Netherlands, the Rhine splits into several branches before making its way towards the North Sea through the wide delta it shares with the Meuse and Scheldt rivers.

The main river - the Waal - is one of the busiest waterways in the whole of Europe. Other arms of the river like the "Crooked Rhine" with its multitude of medieval castles and manor houses for a long time formed the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire.

enjoy the surrounding nature

Also worth a mention is the River Linge which snakes through the orchards of the Betuwe region. Riding alongside the rivers, cyclists can take in and enjoy the countryside, visit little harbour towns or the city of Rotterdam and its important sea port.

The Biesbosch National Park and the numerous windmills near Kinderdijk give one an insight as to how large parts of the Netherlands lying below sea-level were formed.


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In the Netherlands you can recognize the route by the strip ‘Rijnfietsroute’ on the LF-signs. You follow different parts of LF routes: namely the LF3, LF4, LF17, LF11 and LF12.
The route is signposted in both directions. The signage consists of standard rectangular plates with the route name, route number and an addition to the direction (a or b). A-direction is from west to east. B-direction is from east to west. The signs are on lampposts or traffic signs. Often you will see the LF-sign under a junction sign. These are signs of the node routes, designed for shorter bike tours in the region.

River Waal variant
There also is a river Waal variant of the route. This 100 km long route leads from Millingen through Nijmegen, Druten and Zaltbommel to Vuren and runs as much as possible along the banks of the river Waal. You follow the junction route sign, with additional indication ‘Rijnfietsroute – Waalvariant’.

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  • Millingen - Hoek van Holland

    Nederland Fietsland

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